As we all know, businesses across the globe are facing difficult challenges during the coronavirus epidemic. Closer to home, businesses are struggling to stay afloat. The community and businesses within the Jade District are being hit especially hard. If you are able, please consider supporting the impacted businesses and community by donating to the Jade District COVID Relief Fund.

If you are unable to donate, there are other ways to help: volunteer through mutual aid and support, support your local businesses when possible and within proper guidance, and reach out to your neighbors who may have limited access to the internet or available resources.

Here’s a little more about the campaign from APANO:

Jade District Covid Relief Fund 

Our communities are suffering and many of our anchor small businesses are on the brink. While we expect businesses across the region to be severely impacted in the upcoming weeks, Asian-owned businesses have been impacted since January as a result of fear and xenophobia. Many working in Jade District have had their hours cut or been laid off despite business owners best efforts to keep staff on. The vast majority of those impacted are low income immigrants, and missing a paycheck can have devastating effects especially when you are trying to provide for small children, if you have expensive medications to pay for, or in many cases, if there are extended family members or elders who rely on you for support. 

Your donation will go directly to members of the Jade District community who are being impacted and will be distributed by local social workers and trusted community leaders who are already providing direct services in the Jade District. This will be an additional tool for folks in need to use for buying food and supplies, paying for medication, purchasing transportation, childcare items, or other items they need to make it through the month. Community anchors are already showing leadership and local business owner Michael Liu of Fubonn has already donated 50 gift cards to help our community through this hard time. We are now calling on all our community members to lend a hand too by donating to the Jade District Covid Relief Fund.