Photo Contest

Greetings amateur and professional photographers

82nd Avenue has many roses and rose gardens located between grocery stores, eateries, houses and car lots. They are often hidden to us until June when they pop out in all their beauty. Some are well cared for and other thrive on their own, but undeniably roses!

You are invited to photograph roses that intrigue, delight or amuse you along 82nd Avenue, between Columbia Boulevard and Clackamas County. You will find roses in front of and beside houses, fences, hedges, businesses, and parking lots. 

We will select a wining photo from each of the below categories:

  • Rose Gardens (Multiple roses)
  • Rose “Divas” (One to three)
  • Rose Buddies (A child, children or a pet with roses)
  • Rose Bugs (An ant, a spider or other bug with roses)
  • Second Hand Roses (In a vase or on a float etc. but real flowers, No fakes!)

Contest runs from June 21 – July 31, 2024

Winner and runners up in each category will be celebrated in a Photography Exhibit on 82nd Avenue (location to be determined). The photos will be framed for the Exhibit and afterwards the photographer will receive it in addition to local Gift Cards.

How to Enter

Email your photo to: [email protected]

Please include your full name, the picture’s location, phone number, and Social media account (optional). Please also indicate what category(s) the picture fits into. 

By submitting a picture you are entering a contest where we may display your photo publicly along side your name as well as post it online at our website or other social media location. You retain all rights to your photo but grant the 82nd Avenue Business Association unlimited non-exclusive rights to use and display your photo.