City bureaus to address the historic lack of infrastructure investment in Southeast and East Portland through the Lower Southeast Rising Area Plan.
The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) and Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) are collaborating with community members to assess land use and transportation issues for Brentwood-Darlington and portions of the Lents, Ardenwald-Johnson Creek, Mt Scott-Arleta, and Woodstock neighborhoods. This new planning effort is called the Lower Southeast Rising Area Plan.
The bureaus recognize the historic lack of infrastructure investment in this area of East Portland. So they are seeking community input to guide healthy community development for the area, which has many unimproved roads, sidewalk gaps, limited street networks, poor transit service, and few neighborhood commercial amenities.
A new Lower Southeast Rising Area Plan will identify ways to improve amenities and accessibility within these neighborhoods, so residents can meet more of their recreational and commercial needs close to their homes without a car. It will also develop recommendations to better connect these neighborhoods to the rest of Portland by improving transit and bicycle routes.
City staff are working with a local Project Advisory Committee, a Technical Advisory Committee, community-based organizations, neighborhood associations, and neighbors for input and engagement to guide the plan’s recommendations with an emphasis on anti-displacement and affordable housing strategies.
The project was launched in January 2021, and a final plan will go before City Council in early 2023. More information is available on the project’s website
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