The CITY OF PORTLAND Office of Neighborhood Involvement offers a Crime Prevention Program to residents, neighborhood associations, and businesses of the city. We highly recommend this program to anyone that would like to make their home, neighborhood, or business a safer place. Below we have listed some of the features of the program and contact information.


  • Area specific crime prevention tips
  • Crime Prevention Advise with one-on-one communication with a Crime Prevention Coordinator
  • For both Private and Business Sectors
  • Works closely with your local City of Portland Police Precinct
  • Including: events, training, advice, literature, hot-lines
  • Covers various concerns specific to your location
  • Examples of concerns, incidents and advise on prevention are stolen bikes, vehicle break-ins, graffiti, trespassing, panhandling, drug sales, shoplifting, theft and suspicious activity

CONTACT:  Southeast Portland is: (503) 823-0540 or (503) 823-3432


REFERENCE: Download the pdf files below for examples of what the CRIME PREVENTION PROGRAM offers. These brochures are courtesy of the City of Portland.

“When to Call 911 and the Non-Emergency Number”

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“Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design”

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